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    1、 The installation should be thoroughly remove all impurities in pipelines. Valve core can be avoided damage, card materials so as not to leaveblocking, clogging and leakage. Should also be cleaning the surface of buildingresidue.

    2、 For any kind of faucet products are used in the switch without the use of excessive force, just gently screw can be fixed or toggle. Configuration screen on the outlet cover of the product should be washed to remove impurities removal was it used for a period of time . Equipped with a hose products should pay attention to the natural stretch hose keeping the state in order to avoid breakage.

    3、 Faucet surface should be kept in a clean soft cloth lightly wipe with a cleanser . Avoid using the wire group or scouring pad with harder particle,etc.. . In addition, can't strike and destroys the faucet surface protection layer with the hard thing.

    4、 Through use faucet soon can happen, not close completely sometimes, leakage, handle loose, loose connector leakage phenomenon, under normal circumstances consumers can resolved themselves. Steady rise occurred in the spiral tap rubber closure is not complete, are usually a result of hard debris were choked in the sealed mouth , just remove the handle screw to open valve cap, valve core out, removing impurities and press as is the use of bottles and can be restored to normal. Occurred in the ceramic tap valve core seal the closure is not complete, it may be hard sealing surface scratches or debris on the extra spool locking force is not enough. If the former, can only be sent to the factory after-sales service department faucet or a professional repair the maintenance department. Just a question then remove the handle by the user will spool can be tightened a bit.

    5、 The handle generally has two reasons to become flexible: Neglect, fasten handle good assemble, need only twist firm screw tightly. Second, The select materials relatively bad, the part which connects with core of the valve handle oxidize, corrode, lead to the fact interval to be too big to lead to the fact too early, generally have no remedy. So does not propose selecting the low-grade products for use.

    6、 In the event the faucet connection seepage is usually part of assembly is not always caused by tightening just can tighten. Sometimes, a faucet are relatively perfect , but after the closure of the feeling of water dripping constantly. At this time the length of time depends on drip, drip stop, as well as whether the number of water droplets. Drip longer time may sometimes continue 3,5 minutes, the total number of about 10 drops. Drops out of the tap water is equivalent to water after the closure of the mouth over the mouth of the water, are considered to be normal.

    7、 The thermostatical faucet fits and starts reasons: a, hot water too little ---- mainly occurred in the use of gas-type water heater users, and mostly occurs during the summer. As the hot summer, the relatively small amount of hot water heater is very easy to satisfy and meet only after the cessation of firing. Such as lack of hot water when the ignition again. So repeated ignition, flame, ignition, resulting in water supply, no, there is, resulting in water fits and starts. Solution: The water heater of the fire and the temperature is relatively lower. b, power shortage ---- supporting water heater power shortage, the required heat can not be met, the solution: replace the high-power water heater. c, garbage is garbage blocking filters blocked, resulting in reduced water pressure. Solution: remove angle valve Department filter.

    8、 when the bath shower faucet water,the water faucet water at the same time As the bathtub faucet through the pressure switch to control, if the inlet water pressure is too low (does not meet the required pressure), will cause the switch leading from the valve, though eventually the top, but not completely sealed to withstand The head of the outlet pipe of the road was still pass water, and thus these phenomena occur. The solution: Increase water pressure, for example, Sino-Canadian pipeline booster pump.



    1、 high-grade hardware have to ask experienced and qualified professionals to install, installing metal pendant with a hard object can not be knocking, can not be touched cement, glue, paint, etc. there is wear and tear, corrosion leading surface of the logistics.

    2、 when used energetically try not to deliberately sliding the hanging has been installed, often flip easily lead to loose connections affect the normal use.

    3、 The product suitable for all the renovation work after the completion of the installation, so as to avoid bumping and corrosion products.

    4、 Metal pendant surface should always use a soft cotton cloth and wipe clean water to ensure that pendant bright in the sunlight, as far as possible without liquid washing detergent, absolutely not use corrosive acid and alkali solutions


    Stainless Steel Dish Plate

    1、 Regular cleaning sink, when not in use to keep dry at room temperature

    2、 Retention of water will lead to the occurrence of mineral deposits, in this case, you can use low levels of vinegar solution to remove such deposits, the final water completely clean.

    3、 Do not allow water droplets left on the surface, the high iron content of water may lead to the formation of brown on the surface traces of red coloring.

    4、 Do not low-carbon steel or cast iron cookware a long time placed in the sink.

    5、 Do not put rubber dishwasher tablets, washing dishes moist sponge or other cleaning pad placed into the sink

    6、 Containing chlorine houseware ,bleaching agent or food will harm sink.

    7、 Even on the cabinets, if you will be equipped with bleach or chemical detergent containers open, wafting from a gas or vapor will sink for the following damage.

    8、 If you do not accidentally photo drugs or fall into the solder melt sink, immediately wash with water clean.

    9、 As little as possible the use of silver-containing detergent, or other containing sulfur or hydrochloric acid wash products.

    10、 Refrain from pickles, mayonnaise, mustard, or other salt-rich foods